Engine Repair Katy/Houston Tx

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Engine Repair Katy/Houston Tx

Post by srreynolds2003 »

New to the forum.

I'm going next weekend to pick up my dad's old Bass Tracker II...It's been in the family for about 20 years.
The tracker is slowly rotting away in my brothers back yard, and he has too many projects to get it back on the water.

Does anyone know of a good engine mechanics around Katy, Cypress or Houston Texas?

My brother said the boat was running two years ago and now it will not start. As soon as I have the boat in my possession I'll post pics as well as progress the boat.

Great forum by the way....

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Engine Repair Katy/Houston Tx

Post by ggoldy »

Spark and compression are easily tested. If your brother left fuel in the tank and/or carb, then a good cleaning may be all it needs.....and always an impeller, always. Are you mechanically inclined? You could save yourself a couple hundred bucks.
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Engine Repair Katy/Houston Tx

Post by Johnny »

if you don't get a favorable reply here, ride around your
neighborhood and look for someone that has a boat motor
the size of yours and ask them who is good - and the ones
to stay away from. Get a couple of references if you value your motor !!!

We had a guy here in my town that had a fantastic FaceBook page
and we never figured out why . . . he ruined a lot of motors, lack of service,
really bad communications, just a plain bad place to avoid. But he found a
way to manipulate his FB page to all positives.
He tried to hit me for $450.00 to replace a starter on a '79 Johnson 25.
I told him to keep his starter and I got my boat and left. I did pay for the tuneup.
Which was another ridiculous price.
He has since been evicted after almost a year of not paying rent to his landlord.

Just double check the mechanic, no matter where the references come from.

jus my Dos Centavos

oh, and :WELCOME: to the Wonderful World of TIN !! Where dreams of vintage DO come true.

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