way to add a bow-mount, hand controlled trolling motor

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way to add a bow-mount, hand controlled trolling motor

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I own an old bass boat and when the trolling died, I couldn't see spending over $650 for a bow mount tm and in fact had one in the garage I never use. After checking out bow mounts for sale, I ordered one from Amazon but first checked customer comments beforehand. Since this heavy boat can only be pulled around by a 55# thrust or more powerful tm, I needed to make sure the bracket and deck could hold a tm weighing 40 lbs even though it was rated for 35# thrust or less. My buddy and I came up with a solution: support the arm that holds the mount.
This is the bracket mounted on an aluminum bow:

modification for handling a heavy tm:

Unless you would only attach a light tm, extra support is a must or the small screws that come with the bracket will rip out of the metal base. The upright support L brackets support the suspended weight.

Today I add a foot control for the hand control Minn Kota. This way I can steer with an extension handle while running the tm intermittently at one chosen speed.

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