Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by Jim »

I need you buddy. :lol:

I scored some swimbaits off of ebay that I need painted. Two are fast sinking (4.65 ounces) and one is slow sinking (4.25 ounces). Other than weight, they look the same.

I want my floater to be painted like this:

I want one my sinkers to be painted all Black...super shiny Black if you know what I mean. My midnight bass killer.

The second Sinker I am going to give away to a member that has the ability(equipment wise) and desire to throw 5 ounce swimbaits.


Now for the contest! This contest is open to any member that has the ability to chuck 5 ounce baits. IF your a finesse fisherman, this is not for you.

All you need to do is enter here with a color choice you would want your bait painted. I will pick with and send the baits off to BYOB to be painted on my dime and shipped to you. Contest ends September 11, 2001 at 8PM Eastern Time. The winner will have 48 hours to claim the swimbait to me via PM or it goes to the next random winner.

Disclaimer: All things can change because.

Here you can get an idea what it will look like together, but unpainted........
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by fender66 »

That is one big lure.

What if I'd want it to be painted the same as your floater? That's exactly what I'd want....but maybe with a bit of red under the chin. (just to be different) :mrgreen:

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by BYOB Fishing »

I hope my dryer can handle a 5oz bait :)

Anything goes, so don't be afraid to ask!
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by lswoody »

Think I'll sit this one out. 5 oz is a heavy bait!!!!!

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by devilmutt »

I throw this Black Dog Tail Wagger with an old ABU Garcia round reel and a flippin stick, so I'll play.


I'll choose Yellow Perch.

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by Dragonman »

I would like to have it, just because. If i were to win, could it be painted like a bullhead with the tinboats logo on the side?

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by FishinsMyLife »

Baby bass :mrgreen:
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by lovedr79 »

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by GreenRiver »

I believe I could heave that on one of my round ABU Garcia Catfishing rigs for some Hybrid Stripers. Don't know if it would work but would be willing to try. If I won, I would like it painted like this Central Stoneroller in breeding colors (if possible):
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by po1 »

Baby Bass has always been a strong producer
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by kycolonel138th »

:USA1: Baby Bass =D>

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by Captain Ahab »

Great contest - I do not fish SB that big so I will just watch this one
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by wasilvers »

Yellow Perch - cause when I catch them here, there is a good chance I will get bit by a big bass or northern. I know just where to throw him at too...- been bit by a 5lber more than once, he just waits for the perch to come off the shallow grass. Really hope I win, if not, I might have to order my own.
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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by SVOMike86 »

I'm in. Yellow perch PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

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Calling BYOB Baits & a Contest!

Post by Brine »

Rainbow Trout! 8)