Steering Wheel removal Starcraft 14'

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Steering Wheel removal Starcraft 14'

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I am getting my 1979 Starcraft 14' with windshield ready for an overnighter at the sandblasters and I can't seem to figure out how to remove the steering wheel and assembly. I don't want to destroy or damage the original cable mechanism, I am sure I am missing something simple. The wheel its self is made of a type of plastic around the hub so a wheel puller is out, I did remove the name plate and found the shaft, can't find a locking ring or pin to remove. Hopefully someone has been down this path and can help this rookie out.
Thanks for any help...

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Steering Wheel removal Starcraft 14'

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It might help if you could post some closeup shots of what you're dealing with.

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Steering Wheel removal Starcraft 14'

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My boat has a Teleflex NFB Destroyer type wheel that I installed. I attempted to remove it during construction and found that I couldn't.
Hub Cover came off and the shaft nut removed ok. The shaft is tapered and has a slotted key way for a Shaft Key.
The shaft nut, when tightened, will bond the hub to the shaft if not greased beforehand. The only way I could remove it
is with an axle puller, which would destroy the Bezel, or a dent puller. If it is a metal wheel, you might try heating it with a torch, but be aware of the fire hazards. Jerry :)
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Steering Wheel removal Starcraft 14'

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i used a pickle fork for taking off balljoints on mine.
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