what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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Have you considered the plywood that is in between Marine and regular Exterior as far as price?
It seems that many people here are using this product. From reading, I think you will still want to seal the cut edges with something.
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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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momule wrote:Why don't you do it right and stay with aluminum? You know you should and you'll regret it if you don't.
I wouldn't say that aluminum is the ""right"" way to do it for everybody,, myself I would never have a aluminum floor , to hot in the summer and to cold in the winter drop a 1oz sinker sounds like ya set off an atomic bomb ,,, trust me if I wanted a aluminum floor I would have one seeing I own a sheet metal fab shop,, my North River came with vinyl covered MDO, had to pull a section up not long back and looks new front and back after near 10 years ,,,, I would look at mdo or hdo,,,,, the one thing about vinyl gets slicker then snot when wet , gets real bad with flathead catfish slime,, problem solved with some cheep bath/kitchen rugs from walmart
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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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From what I'm reading it sounds like MDO or HDO plywood is the way to go. The local Menard's has 1/2 inch MDO at $50 a sheet. It may not even need coating so that is a plus. I wonder if painting or treating with some Thompson's would be enough. I guess sealing it with epoxy resin would further insure weatherproofing.

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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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You can ix up your own sealer from 1 part boiled linseed oil 1 part spar varnish or urethane and 2 parts mineral spirts.
On another boat site it's called the Old Timers Formula and it is used quite often to seal exterior grade plywood with great results.
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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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richg99 wrote:Yep, re marine grade vinyl. I am using \/this\/ stuff.

Now, it is NOT as "fluffy" or thick as their picture makes it appear. I am happy with it. I put it directly over 1/4 exterior plywood, which was mounted on top of thin aluminum flooring, which has Blue Foam under it.

I could send a scrap to anyone who wanted to see it up close. richg99

https://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?p ... 2&id=23772
I've seen many new boats that come with a mystery surface on their decking from the factory. I've always wondered what it was, figured it was some sort of spray-on like a bedliner, but it is smoother than a bedliner, and looks exactly like the "Shark" or the "Storm Gray" colored marine vinyl shown in your link. I wish I'd known about it before I did carpet!