Power pole, micro anchor. Heavier application?

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Power pole, micro anchor. Heavier application?

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I am looking for someone that has mounted a micro anchor on a boat heavier than recommended by the manufacturers, 1500lbs. I like the footprint and ability to remove the spike, thus out of the way, when bass fishing or trolling. I have an 18ft. aluminum bay boat loaded weight 2000lbs. I fish lakes and shallow water, thus little to no current. I chatted with a power pole tech on line, he says the unit is used in heavier applications than 1500lbs, but I could loss holding power due to weight? Does anyone have or know of a micro anchor on a large/heavy boat?
I could spend 3 times the money for a power pole, but I wish to not fish around it, when it is not deployed, as I fished a large bass boat with twin power poles and they were in the way from time to time.
Thanks for your constructive replies. Tomm
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Power pole, micro anchor. Heavier application?

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I have the micro anchor on a 14ft V bottom and have tied a 16ft V bottom to my boat and we both held without issue in a windy day.

For a little larger/heavier boat like yours, the only thing different I would do is to not run the pole down while still coasting after the motor has stopped. They show the kayaks doing that in the micro anchor commercials but you would risk snapping the pole with the additional weight.

I love mine and do A LOT of shallow water fishing so sitting/standing on the casting platform and being able to lower the anchor pole with the wireless fob is worth its weight in gold to me.

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