Hydrofoil on 16’ w/ 40

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If you over trim the motor, the boat will porpoise. Just trim the motor down until it doesn’t porpoise anymore. If it costs you a little bit of speed, you’ll have to live with it. No need to add trim tabs. The point of a hydrofoil is to help get an underpowered boat on plane quicker. It also lets you stay on plane at lower speeds. It sounds like you want to run WOT, so planing at lower speeds isn’t what you are looking to do. If the boat gets on plane fast, you don’t need a hydrofoil either. It’s not going to effect porpoising because it’s out of the water while you are on plane.

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Both hydrofoils and tabs create drag, anything that contacts the water will create drag. There are a couple advantages of a foil over tabs, cost, ease of installation and maintenance. I have used both on several boats over the years. Hands down tabs are the way to go but, foils work too, most of the times. Sometimes they don't though. The biggest complaint I have about tabs is that the actuators corroded on mine and I had to replace them every couple of years and if one fails the boat is stuck with only one tab which can cause it to ride funny, as you could imagine. I am also referring to the automatic tabs that work with water pressure, not the hydraulic or electric tabs. I like tabs.

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