disabling livewell

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disabling livewell

Post by randyo3629 »

i want to disable the livewell on my boat...just dont like it.
i need ideas on how to plug the transom hole, with something not permanent; in case i sell the boat somewhere down the road, i can return it to usable.

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disabling livewell

Post by maintenanceguy »

What size is the hole? Will a standard transom drain plug fit? If not, would a test plug for plumbing pipe fit?

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disabling livewell

Post by bcbouy »

i plugged mine with a livewell plug.same as the transom plug but smaller diameter.can't remember the exact size though.i also filled the overflow with black exterior spray foam insulation that comes in a spray can when i converted my live well to a cooler.
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disabling livewell

Post by FishingForSupper »

You should be able to find a live well plug, but if not, find an actual plumbing store and get a test plug or tension plug that fits.

But I do have to ask, if you aren’t permanently removing the livewell, why plug the hole? Water won’t enter u til you turn the pump on, and if you are in a situation where you need it, you’ll have it.

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disabling livewell

Post by turbotodd »

There are different size plugs. The most common is 1", but there is also 3/4 and 1/2. If something "oddball", go to the parts store and get an expansion plug of the same size if they have one. Or jam a cork into it. There's lots and lots of options.

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disabling livewell

Post by the hammer »

I was going to disable my livewell and I’m glad I didn’t. My new fishing hole requires lighter line + lighter drag settings = worn out fish. I like being able to turn on the livewell, filling it and letting the fish recuperate for a while.
My 2 cents.

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