How many boats have oarlock mounts?

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How many boats have oarlock mounts?

Post by gnappi »

I know many or maybe even most 8'-12' tin boats have oarlock mounts, but do they at all LOA available?

I ask because as far as I know the Coast guard still advises an oar or paddle as "auxillary propulsion" but realistically who would want one oar (or two for that matter) on a stranded boat?

Gary (in South Florida)

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How many boats have oarlock mounts?

Post by KMixson »

When I was young we had a 12' v hull with oar locks. We had the oars and under our own muscle power we could get that thing moving at a pretty good clip. I would estimate in the 10 knot range.

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How many boats have oarlock mounts?

Post by maintenanceguy »

We have a 12' boat with oar locks. We use a trolling motor to get around all the time, never use oars. But, I keep the oars in the locks and just let them rest on the front bench seat laying along the side of the gunnel. I have cleats screwed to the front bench seat on both sides and they just happen to work well as oar holders to keep them in place. They don't get in the way and they're ready to go if we need them.

Actually, I do use them once in a while when launching. One of our launch spots is very shallow and the oars let me walk the boat out to deeper water where I can lower the trolling motor.

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How many boats have oarlock mounts?

Post by Scott F »

I bought a new 16x48 that has a jet and a 24v trolling motor. I also had oar locks put on and I bought some relatively expensive oars. I take the boat out on rivers mostly and while I don't row very often, I have used the oars more often to push me off the odd rock that I get stuck on. I learned to row a boat as a young boy. Rowing seems to be a skill not many people have anymore

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