Motor up or down while trailering?

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Motor up or down while trailering?

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A transom saver takes zero weight off your transom, all it does is stop your engine from dropping down when its raised and stop it from bouncing which can flex your transom. A motor that down can be subjected to rocks ect bouncing off it when going down gravel roads. I hang my 15 hp straight down the transom takes no more abuse then when it's on the water. On my 115 I use a transom saver because if my motor was to drop it would hit the pavement. I'd say only time to travel with a raised motor is if you dont have the ground clearance when in the lowered position.

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Motor up or down while trailering?

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I'm one of those who doesn't have the ground clearance. 16' vee hull, 35hp 2 stroke. I trailer with the motor tilted up and use a ratchet straps from the side bunks around the motor to pull it forward. This takes all the bounce out of it and has worked for me for years and hundreds of miles.

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