Xmas came early: Stella.

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Xmas came early: Stella.

Post by sixgun86 »

Had some extra boot to throw so I picked this up. I've been wanting a nice setup for awhile. I was going to buy a Stradic, but then I held a Sustain.. Then after looking at the price tag on the Sustain I figured I might as well get a second hand Stella... Funny how it snowballs.

2010 Stella 2500S Xship on a Star Seagis 7ft Medium w/ the K guides. Will be used for Reds/Spec/Flounder Inshore.

Planning to take it out for the first time tonight. :mrgreen:

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Captain Ahab
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Xmas came early: Stella.

Post by Captain Ahab »

That is sweet
Trying to Fish as often as Jim works :LOL2:

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Xmas came early: Stella.

Post by Jim »

Very nice setup!
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Xmas came early: Stella.

Post by shamoo »

Good choice, gotta love those snowballs :mrgreen:
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Xmas came early: Stella.

Post by Loggerhead Mike »

I'm a huge sustain fan, haven't got to touch a Stella yet

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