sprinker frogs, toad runner, prop frog

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sprinker frogs, toad runner, prop frog

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So with the hype of many of these new prop lures like whopper ploppers which I'll admit I have two of the smaller ones and like them other than not being weedless. Now a lot of variations have come out in weedless frog forms like the lunker hunt prop frog, teckel sprinker frog, now booyah toadrunner. Lunker hunt also has the prop fish that looks cool. I've been debating on trying one of these weedless variety prop lures, but found many videos of people making homemade versions with swimbait tail. They work but don't seem to produce the reel plopping action noise of the whopper plopper or prop frog. See the video below for DIY versions a lot more videos on youtube as well.

But down fall to these homemade ones are the swim bait tails are rather soft and don't make the commotion like I like about the whopper plopper. While browsing for whopper plopper tails to try and make my own I came by this handy little kit.

https://www.ebay.com/itm/RIVER2SEA-FROG ... SwRyda41-6

Cheaper than most the prop frogs and I can make any of my current frog lures into a weedless whoppper plopper so to speek, not much more money than a DIY prop frog by them time you figure in the hardware cost, and swim bait cost for tails. Don't know if anyone else is a fan of the prop lures, but figured I'd share in case anyone else liked the prop lures.

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