Swim ladder

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Swim ladder

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I just added a swim ladder to my 1752 Standard Blazer. I had total replacements on my left hip and right knee a few yrs ago. My balance is not what it was pre-surguries. Im 60+ and not in the best of shape. Was concerned about falling overboard and then being able to get back in the boat after a swim. Got a Garelick/EEz-In 06131:01 Telescoping Hook Ladder. Looks like nice ladder but standoffs were to short for my boat. The ladder was at to much of an angle back under boat making it hard to use. Made a couple extensions so ladder would be near vertical and easier to use. Seem to have worked out well. Used a couple pieces of 7/8" oak dowel (cut to 9 inch lengths) and a couple 7/8" rubber cane tips. Only problem that I've noticed so far is that I cant fold both standoffs in toward center any more. Can still fold one but not the other which causes a bit of a storage issue. Have yet to test in water but climbed into boat in shop and worked well. Think I can use on side and/or transom. Not sure how far boat will lean when trying to enter from the side. Can stand on side edge with no problem so think it will be fine. Still need to test this. May need to add a couple screws thru standoffs and into dowel to keep them in place or may add a couple small wire retainer cables and insert/remove extensions with each use. Will just have to experiment to see how it works out.

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Swim ladder

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Here's one I thought was interesting. Probably not right for your situation though. Would be nice for a minimalist or emergency ladder.
cr=w_1200,h_750,a_cc c.jpg
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Swim ladder

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Here’s another option, for a permanent/secure mount, with no holes below the waterline either:

https://www.forum.tinboats.net/viewtopi ... lit=Ladder

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