[UPDATE]Finally my tracker 1542 is done! well almost........

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[UPDATE]Finally my tracker 1542 is done! well almost........

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[UPDATE] See page 3 for new progress on boat.

Made some significant progress on my build this weekend, been slowly working on it over time, but it's 3/4's of the way done.

Front shot of frame work. used 1 inch aluminum box tubing along with 1 1/2 inch aluminum L angle.

Deck installed. it's 2 pieces, 1 covers from bow to middle of the gap between front and mid bench, the other covers from middle of gap to the far side of the mid bench. both are 1/2 inch ply wood sealed with 2 coats of spar urethane. screwed down into the aluminum supports with 2 inch wood to sheet metal screws.

Hatches are also 1/2 inch ply, installed locks on both to keep the stored stuff secure when the boat is sitting in the drive way.

Under the front deck:

Mid section floor and side walls. floor is same as front deck, 1/2 ply with urethane coating. it's sitting on a box frame of 1 inch aluminum box tube. left side wall is for tackle trays and other loose storage plus the collapsible oar and rear pole navigation light. eventually I will add cup holders to either side.

Early stage of the electrical, needs to be organized haha it's a mess at the moment. but everything works perfectly.

DSI transducer mounted on transom, board is sealed and marine epoxy-ed to the transom, feels very solid.

Left side box holds collapsible paddle and rear nav pole light:

Aerator in live well, going to silicone around the hatch edge as whenever it pours the live well fills with water, most of it drains but as you can see some stays and becomes stagnant sometimes.

Rear section, at the moment it houses 2 group 29 DC batteries and a bilge pump, can also see pole light base and all the missing paint, paint just rubs off of everything :(

That's it for now, plan to get a lot more done this week as I'm off all week for the 4th. Picking up my gas motor tomorrow, it's a 25HP rude w/ electric start.
remaining plans are the rear deck, and seat mounts.

still need to decide on the following,
1.) what seats to get for the boat
2.) what trolling motor to get, I've narrowed it down to either an 80lbs maxxum or an 80lbs terrova, never used a foot controlled motor so I have no idea which is better.
3.) what size gas tank I should get, not sure what the average/normal size is.

If anyone has any input and suggestions I'm all ears as this is my first boat and first build.
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