what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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what kind of wood on a jon boat project?

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I'm starting to restore a 1448 Lowe jon boat. Not sure of the year. I've removed all of the carpet, plywood, and wiring. I'm down to orignal boat to start with a clean slate. I'm trying to figure out how to put in a floor over the ribs and frame a raised deck. I know I can't use treated plywood because of the copper and aluminum corrosion issues. I don't know if the floor should be made with marine plywood or regular exterior grade plywood coated with some sort of polyurethane to protect it. I plan to use 1/2 inch and I don't think anything needs to be used between the ribs under the plywood. I've seen others use foam board to help make it a little more solid but I'm afraid it would eventually become water logged and just add a lot of weight. I've seen some use 2 x 2 untreated lumber to frame for a raised deck. I would think this would rot away in a few years. I've also seen some use aluminum angle which sounds like the best choice.

Anyone want to give me some advice on any of my ideas?

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