Please Welcome Elco Motor Yachts as Tinboats Newest Sponsor

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Please Welcome Elco Motor Yachts as Tinboats Newest Sponsor

Post by Jim »

Please join me in welcoming Elco Motor Yachts as TinBoats newest sponsor!

Who is Elco? Elco is a leader in the manufacturing of electric and hybrid inboard & outboard propulsion systems. This is NOT just a trolling motor up front, but REAL all electric Outboard(s) for your boat. Imagine not dealing with gas, oils, carb rebuilds, mess, fumes, pollution, winterizing....I can keep going on and on, trust me. Elco is not new to this game, they have been around since 1893. Take a minute to read about their history at the link below. It's very interesting and cool.


Check out the Elco Motor Yachts website and hit the "GO ELECTRIC" tab to learn about the benefits of going to an all electric outboard system by clicking on the banner below.


A boat setup with an electric outboard opens up many opportunities. You can now hit bigger bodies of water (Think pristine reservoirs) that don't allow gas outboards but would allow you to motor up faster, further, and more efficient than a trolling motor ever could. Elco currently has 3 model of outboards that range in equivalency from 9.9hp to 20hp.

With a push to help keep our waters clean and reduce our carbon footprint this is the wave of the future. I am very happy to have Elco onboard as a sponsor.

For you facebook users, make sure to give them a like at:

Thanks Steve and everyone over at Elco Motor Yachts! :beer:
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Please Welcome Elco Motor Yachts as Tinboats Newest Sponsor

Post by Fire1386 »

Welcome and thank you.....:)

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Please Welcome Elco Motor Yachts as Tinboats Newest Sponsor

Post by richg99 »

Welcome to Elco.

I believe I saw a number of their products on Lake Woodlands, TX. a few years ago. I launched my 50 hp. 2 cycle gas powered tinny on that lake. Motored to the other side and fished for an hour or so.

On the way back in, I entered a small cove. It was lined with 20 ft or so pontoon boats. EVERY ONE had an electric outboard that looked like the Elco motors. That was when I realized that I was on an electric only lake, a rare find in Texas.