Any Hams out there?

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Any Hams out there?

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Any Hams out there?

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:lol: Well it's only been about 4 years since anyone posted in this string .. yes KC1W, and have a 14' Grumman aluminum bass boat.
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Any Hams out there?

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Got my Tech license a few years back, but haven't used it much. I have a handheld. Funny, I was just thinking about amateur radio when reading the recent thread on VHF range.

We are in an area with great cell coverage, which is much easier to use than radio in an emergency.

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Any Hams out there?

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I have the general license as N0JLG. NW MN has active people all over the place. Recently put my toe in the DMR world. As always, much, much, much to learn.

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Any Hams out there?

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I am not, but out of curiosity I looked up why it is called "Ham" radio. Very interesting. Turns out it is the last name initials of the three guys who started the first amateur wireless station. Their names are Hyman, Almy, & Murray, hence HAM. This happened back in 1908.
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Any Hams out there?

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My cousin used to be into it when we were around 11 or 12. He got his license and call number all I remember was it was "hotel echo Lima" and whatever was the rest of it. I remember climbing to the tip top of my aunts magnolia tree with his new antenna. When desert strike and desert storm was happening we would tune into the Iraqi radio stations.
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Any Hams out there?

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I recently posted in another sub forum about radio communications, if anyone here with first hand experience cares to drop some info on my (I'm sub rookie) I'd appreciate it.

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Any Hams out there?

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This thread has been going slow for a long time. But yeah, AC9KH here. Wife bought me a new Flex-6400 for Christmas. Still trying to figure out how to run it :-)

Also Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!