Got rub?

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Got rub?

Post by Jim »

My signature rub for pork ribs and butts. Been tweaking this recipe for years, now finally, i’m good with it.

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Got rub?

Post by eeshaw »

Are you going to share the secret recipe with us peons? Ha ha ha

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Got rub?

Post by Dixietwister »

That looks great!

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Got rub?

Post by bcbouy »

needs a pinch more smoked paprika,but otherwise looks good.i'm still tweaking brisket rub is a done deal.finally.
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Got rub?

Post by LDUBS »

I toss stuff on the grill or griddle and try hard not to overcook it. What you guys do is a science and from the pic's you've shared it sure seems you have it down pretty good.
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