Fish finder recommendation

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Fish finder recommendation

Post by Creekchub »

Can anyone recommend a fish finder for a jet Jon boat? Also where to mount the transducer?

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Fish finder recommendation

Post by LDUBS »

I have zippo knowledge of jet boats but I have been on one once!

I would think you would pick the FF that has the features that you want for your water & fishing style. Not sure that having a jet vs a prop really would make a difference when it comes to sonar, imaging, & GPS features.

I don't know if there are special considerations for mounting the transducer on a jet boat. Sorry I can't be more help.
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Fish finder recommendation

Post by CedarRiverScooter »

I mounted mine at the bottom of the transom. Nothing special about it.

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Fish finder recommendation

Post by marlattrr »

It shows you in the manual where to mount them. with prop its to the right of the prop looking at it from the back. With a jet prop i dont think its as critical.

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Fish finder recommendation

Post by redrum »

It’s hard to get side imaging to work from the transom. Especially if you have a tunnel. All those extra parts and plates block the view to both sides. One side works fine.

Forget getting sonar to work while on plane. Just mount it above the bottom of the hull and use it idling or trolling.

I have a Garmin echo map plus and really like their ActiveCaptain app. Wireless sync to your phone. I can mark waypoints on my phone off the water and sync them to my graph.
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Fish finder recommendation

Post by Drothgeb »

I have a Humminbird M360 bow mounted on a trolling motor mount, with the SI transducer mounted to it with a bracket I made. It’s only for slow speeds but, works very well. I have an additional high speed transducer mounted on the transom.
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