New Member Introductions!

Talk about anything that floats your boat (no pun intended). This is general talk about anything not related to boating/fishing.
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New Member Introductions!

Post by jmleotaud »

Hi I am Jose Leotaud, from Conyers, Georgia, I just bought a jon boat can't wait to get the lake and start to fish, I am from South America, the home of the biggest Peacock bass and Payaras....
I hope to learn from all of you a new techniques and experiences.
Thanks in advance.

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New Member Introductions!

Post by LDUBS »

I didn't know what a Payara was until I read your post and googled it. That fish has some serious teeth.

Congrats on the new boat. Enjoy!
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Dan B.
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New Member Introductions!

Post by Dan B. »

Hello everyone! Thanks for welcoming me into your forum.
I’ve been awhile without a boat, so I rescued my mothers old Duratech from a 20 year repose. It’s taken a lot of work, but it’s almost ready to get in some late season fishing and take some fall foliage tours on the Connecticut River. Looking forward to being here!
1968 Duratech Meteor M4 with a ‘79 35hp Johnson sitting on a 1963ish Gator trailer.

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New Member Introductions!

Post by monzster »

Hey there, new guy here. I live in Central Va and am in my late 50s. I've been an auto mechanic for almost 35 years. I had to give up bass fishing due to severe back and knee issues 25 years ago. 3 years ago I had my knees replaced but still deal with the back but started looking for a jon boat and trailer. I have never had a boat and always depended on friends to go fishing that had boats. Being a family man with your normal family bill's I have a limited budget for hobbies but found a 1973 Desoto 14 ft jon boat with a homemade trailer last year and my journey as a boat owner began. The boat came with a Minn Kota 3HP and some nice raised seats. I do little things here and there as I can afford them. Some things I have done is raised the seats higher because of my back. I got a Minn Kota trolling motor as a spare and good thing cause the 3HP gave out in the middle of a reservoir so I now have 2 Endura Minn Kotas because I just bought a new one to replace the 3HP. I have 2 marine batteries in the front where the seat was, installed a Garmin Striker 4, cupholders, paddles, a cover behind the last seat for storage. Got me a good life jacket, first aid kit, horn, whistle, little tool kit, battery gauge. The trailer had to have the bearings replaced and installed buddies, I upgraded the 8 inch tires to 12 because they were dry rotted. The lights were standard trailer and I put on submersible after breaking one loading the boat. I joined the forum to hopefully get some ideas and some dos and donts of boating. Thanks for taking me aboard.
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New Member Introductions!

Post by DM1975 »

Very cool! I love my 14’ Jon boat. Welcome to the forum.
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New Member Introductions!

Post by Racoon1234 »

Hello, I am Rob, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I recently bought an older Sears Canada (actually Simpson Sears) 12 foot aluminum boat. It comes with a 9.8 hp Mercury motor. Will take on the local river. Glad to be part of this community.

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New Member Introductions!

Post by Hevistamper7 »

Hamilton Central New Jersey on the Delaware River

Superfly Silverfox
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New Member Introductions!

Post by Superfly Silverfox »

Forget it anyhow

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New Member Introductions!

Post by Carlasdaddy »

I'm a 76 year old retired machinist from UPSTATE New York. I live in Corinth, which is about 12 miles northwest of Saratoga Springs (home of the world-famous Saratoga Flat Track for race horses). I just acquired a 1956 14' Starcraft semi-v with a 1958 Evinrude Fleetwin 7.5hp motor. I am looking forward to next spring so I can use this boat for fishing. By the way, "Fishing Is Great In New York State"!

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New Member Introductions!

Post by backwater52 »

Like fishing Mississippi backwaters and smaller rivers. Mostly a canoe guy but hang a lightwin off the back now day's. Next boat will be a Grumman 3.8 or a Grumman sport boat. Great forum, thanks

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Re: New Member Introductions!

Post by 508 »

Hi, I just got my first boat ('96 Meyers Fisherman 14 with an 8hp Yamaha) and am planning to restore and modify it for bass fishing. Image

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New Member Introductions!

Post by SwampYankee »

Hey all,
Recently joined, been thinking of getting an old tin boat to fix up and fish from. Currently fixing up a sears gamefisher trailer that didn’t get used much, then on from there. Probably will look for a 14’ boat, will be mostly solo but occasionally two. I in south central CT, mostly small ponds and lakes, got into fishing in college in upstate NY in the Adirondacks, mostly hard water though. This seems like a good site, and I liked the posting rules.

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New Member Introductions!

Post by tarawa »

Hello from South Florida. I own a kayak and a duck boat, but have been looking for a shallow water aluminum skiff (jon boat). I am retired so I am on a budget, but want the best that I can afford. Looking at the Alumnacraft and Trackers now, but am open to suggestions.

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New Member Introductions!

Post by crannman »

Hello folks! Crannman here from Connecticut! I just acquired a 1968 Sears 12’ Jon boat that I’m restoring. I’m posting the repaint, EVA foam flooring, rod holder mounts, anchor bracket, battery box, volt meter, circuit breaker and power cable installs. Look forward to sharing information with everyone!
Thank you!

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New Member Introductions!

Post by Fly4aWhiteGuy »

My real name is Mark.
I live near Seattle, WA.
Have been boating for about 50 years now. Almost all of it on sailboats.

I was looking for info about a 12 ft. Sea Nymph my neighbor gave me & found this site.

He wouldn't sell it to me... been asking him for years. He gave me a trailer for it
a year or two ago when he gave a boat to his brother inlaw. Not sure if it was this
boat or another one... but he bought another really fancy expensive fishing boat,
has another one that's 14 ft & his wife said he has too many boats. She wouldn't
let me pay either.

I had been looking for exactly this sort of boat - light enough for my wife and I
to carry if we have to launch from a beach or other shore w/o a ramp.

Going to row it for now (I have long enough oars) and will bring a 4hp (Tohatsu?)
motor I bought years ago for our sailboat but still need to repair.