Knots Animated

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Knots Animated

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fender66 wrote:Just did a search for the Albright Knot and that's not it. I did however find it in the next video I watched. It's a "Duncan" knot. Here's a video of how to tie it.

I really like this knot for several reasons. It is strong, easy/quick to tie, and I can stop the knot before the hook eyelet for a more free action on a crank or I can tighten it to the hook eyelet as I do on my soft plastics. Here's the video.

I also use the Duncan loop, Works great tying braid, this is pretty much the only knot i use quick and easy...

for tying 2 lines together I use the uni knot which worked awesome for my tip ups on ice fishing, so cant go wrong with it in open water

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Knots Animated

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I'll have to sit down with some rope to practice some of those, especially the loop knots.

I'm stuck in a rut, all I tie are the palomar and the double uni.
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Knots Animated

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fender66 wrote:
Captain Ahab wrote:Fender Knot of course
Of course...I should have known that. :)'s an illustration I just made of it before it's pulled tight.

Looks like a modified eye-crosser knot
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Knots Animated

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try animated knots by grog,or if you flyfish, orvis animated knots
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Knots Animated

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Cool app out for IPhones as well. It's free....called Knot Wars. Show animation on how to tie all knots (there's a lot). Also shows knot strength in different types of line ( mono, braided, etc.) very useful.
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Knots Animated

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Thats great :)

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Knots Animated

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I have the knots animated on my phone. Very helpful.