HOUSE's 14' Crestliner V-haul MOD (photos added)

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HOUSE's 14' Crestliner V-haul MOD (photos added)

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I got the Minnowtaur ready for the 2013 season and it is running like a champ! I am embarrassed to admit what was causing it to run so "thick" late last year, but here goes... When I mixed my 50:1 fuel/oil ratio last year, I used a measuring cup that I found in my garage. It was labelled 150/250/350 "mystery units" which I assumed like a dumb-arse were milliliters. It turns out the measuring cup was from some protein powder and the units were freaking grams, Doh! That's why it was blowing thick smoke and choking out. I had bought new gas last year, but I had forgotten to replace the plugs. I took them out this year and they were as black as my coffee. I put in new plugs, ran some Seafoam through her, and now she is running great! I apologize for not listening to so many of you that advised me to replace the darn spark plugs. It was such an easy fix, I'm kicking myself for looking over it. Anyways...the irony of the story is that I'm selling this boat now to make room for my next tin-boat project that I just bought! Stay tuned for my Tracker Sweet 16 mod :) This stuff is addictive!


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HOUSE's 14' Crestliner V-haul MOD (photos added)

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House your too funny.....I am getting ready to start my glass boat soon, look in the watering hole at the boat I found on Clist today....killler deal and I am actually thinking about it. Oooooo if I were single.
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