New (To Me) Motor

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New (To Me) Motor

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J.C. wrote:I just bought the same size/year motor off of CL today and mine also has the broken shift lever and is not staying cranked. Can only get it to fire off with starter fluid then it immediately dies off. I have been told that it sounds like a fuel problem so I plan on cleaning the carb and getting a rebuild kit for it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. I'm replacing a 6hp evinrude with this Johnson on my 14 foot Ouichita.

Question for Ictalurus, how did you replace the shift lever and how hard was it to do? How much of the lever was broken and where did you find your replacement part?

As always thank to everyone for their replies and suggestions. Everyone on here has always been great!!
Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that starter fluid was not to be used in 2 strokes?
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New (To Me) Motor

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Starter fluid has no lubrication in it.
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New (To Me) Motor

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Be careful when using starting fluid on any motor, If you use to much you can have big problems. Ether doesn't compress.

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New (To Me) Motor

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Yeah I found out that starter fluid was a bad idea from a friend of mine. I had a friend help me rebuild the carb and boy does it run awesome! I am glad that a picture of the motor was posted in here because now I realize I am misssing the plate that goes right in front of the carb, someone apartlenty tried rebuild this thing before and messed it up.

This is a huge difference from the 6hp evinrude that I still have. Now it's just time to fix the shifter handle and the rest of the carb, which I hope to be doing this weekend.
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