Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

This forum is for the Sponsors to talk about their products and make announcements. If you have any questions for the sponsors, ask away here.
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Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

Post by Jim »

Longtime reader Scott Hogan from has decided to become a sponsor of They manufacture a product called Wearlon Wetlander that is used for a super slick and durable coating for the bottom of your boat. If the airboat and mudboat guys use it on their boats, It can only be awesome stuff. From what I have read it is simple to apply, fairly cheap per application, and as durable as can be.

Thank you for supporting us here on! :beer:

Please take a second and click on the banner below to read about Wearlon Wetlander. Scott will Chime in soon and will be able to answer any questions you might have. I am actually going to apply this to the TinBoats model boat when it gets done.

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Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

Post by Captain Ahab »

Wooo Hoooo I need something super slick for my bottom
Trying to Fish as often as Jim works :LOL2:

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Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

Post by fool4fish1226 »

Sounds like a great product and thanks for supporting the best site on the net
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Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

Post by fender66 »

Thanks for the sponsorship! This place is great!

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Please welcome as TBs newest Sponsor

Post by dougdad »

Thanks for the sponsorship guys, I think you will like our little family.. :D
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