Tree Stands

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Tree Stands

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Rifleman tree stand
Warren and Sweat
Used mine for 35 years
And a newer Buckshot Bigshot Stand that’s 25 years old excellent stand
Started my Tree Stand hunting with a Baker Climbing Tree Stand .
I remember once in a tall popular tree I climbed up 30 feet and my stand came off my feet and fell to the ground before I could get it set. This was before safety straps and I had a death grip on that tall popular tree and inched my way back down in the dark too. That happen a few times over my years until I went to the Warren Sweat Rifleman Stand I never looked back at the Baker Stand again. I glad no one saw me hugging that tree 30 feet up with no stand under me. Looking Back I guess I was lucky!
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Tree Stands

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Summit Openshot. Very light, packs easy.

Biggest downside is that of all climbers, will not work in all trees. But I have climbed trees from 10-24+ inches, many crooked ones, and many times will unhitch the top to get over a limb. Just gotta be creative.

It is not the easiest to climb with, but I like not having a rail in the way, and in open areas, I can sit sideways in the seat and hide behind the tree.