tin boats in salt

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tin boats in salt

Post by kcsphil »

Wash the tin thoroughly and you should be fine.

Leave the channel (inside anyway) at just above idle - there's some interesting reef and rock stuff in there (though not as bad as the Homasassa). If you stick close to shore in the grass you'll be ok under most conditions - just keep a weather eye out and don't try to run across to Apalachicola!
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tin boats in salt

Post by Zebenv »

weather is crucial. Need light and variable. I've had my 14' sears out 17nm.

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tin boats in salt

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I use my 25 HP Tracker Grizzly 1448 with side console in the flats of the Tampa Bay area and out into the bay during calm or light chop. I have extended my transom to 21" and have flotation pads so that helps greatly in the rear. Works well in the flats and can handle light chop OK. However even in calm seas, wakes from slow moving big boats need attention as they can be 3' - 4'. I have had one of those come over the bow once - scary. Windy days are a no go, I spend my time in the inshore rivers then. The boat gets a good wash down and flush every time out so no corrosion issues noted. It is nice to drive around all day on about 3 gallons of gas.

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tin boats in salt

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"It is nice to drive around all day on about 3 gallons of gas."

My previous boat was 15' with a 25 HP four-stroke. I know exactly what you mean about gaso consumption. I could troll all day long on a few gallons. Smaller tank also made it easier to remove and refill. My current boat has a 12 gallon "portable" tank. It is kind of awkward to fill while in the boat and too heavy for me to want to take it out of the boat, so instead I top it off from a 5 gal gaso can.
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tin boats in salt

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I run my 16' Lund all over Tampa bay. I do like to stop on the way home and dunk the trailer a couple times at a freshwater ramp.

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tin boats in salt

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16 ft Duranautic side console and E-tec 30, spring thru fall, in Raritan Bay. Before that it was a 13 foot Duranautic and a 15 Yamaha tiller. Pick your days and be sensible about water conditions. Wash it off (especially the trailer) and flush the motor after use. You can put some Turtle spray wax on the exterior once in awhile. It will help with the salt sticking to it.
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tin boats in salt

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My tin boat, a 1960 Richline Challenger is painted so the salt never touches the metal. And here on the gulf, I launch in fresh water that leads to the salt so the boat gets washed off on each return by mother nature.