Password Managers?

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Password Managers?

Post by KMixson »

Does anyone use password manager apps? How safe are they? I am looking to get started using one. I have hundreds of passwords and am having a hard time trying to remember them all. I have them written down which is not too safe if someone gets a hold of them. I sometimes am not able to sign onto sites when away from home because I can't remember the password. Then I have to wait until I get home to get the usernames and/or passwords. I don't want to carry my notebook with me all the time. I not only have to keep my passwords but passwords for my girlfriend and my mother. I am comparing LastPass and KeePass at the moment. Which one would be the best if I wanted to start using one?

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Password Managers?

Post by Johnny »

My sister-in-law is paranoid about her passwords falling
into the wrong hands. She writes down everything in a binder.
With that idea, I started using the sticky notes on my laptop
to refrain from using one password for multiple websites.
I do not have one of those new fangled smart phones,
so this is old school to me.
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Password Managers?

Post by onthewater102 »

i've used a program called Keypass & it's worked well for me so far

I don't use it for any banking passwords though - i commit those to memory
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Password Managers?

Post by earl60446 »

I use a password manager (so paranoid about it, not gonna tell ya which one)
It is recommended by some websites I use. Works pretty good, I use the free one. I do not use all the features.
Computer generated passwords are much more secure than human generated passwords.
I think firefox has one built into it which I do not have experience with but I do like firefox

Sticky notes on the laptop. Had an old boss that did that. :roll:

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Password Managers?

Post by Jim »

I use password safe
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Password Managers?

Post by WaltR »

I still use Keepass, a great free password vault by the way, at work, but switched to LastPass last year.

The convenience of secure passwords stored online and easily accessed in any browser on pretty much any platform was too good to pass up. Premium is only $9.99 a year. I got my wife to sign up as well and I can securely share passwords to online banking and all, so we no longer fight over the passwords.

I'm the IT security specialist for the university I work for and started using it after they were breached and the hackers got nothing they'll be able to use before the sun goes nova because they do all the right things with your data. Totally useless without your master password and the keys Lastpass uses to encrypt data at rest. If all companies followed best practices the way they do, our data would be safe. Instead I have three separate free monitoring services because one company or another has been breached and data compromised. I now have one ludicrous password that I have no trouble remembering, but safe through the Earth's lifetime.
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