Tavernier, Florida - I need direction!

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Tavernier, Florida - I need direction!

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I am headed to Tavernier, Fl the first week in May. I know jack about fishing in that area. My goal is to find snook, juvenile tarpon, and peacock bass. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am dragging my Carolina Skiff down there.

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Tavernier, Florida - I need direction!

Post by Johnny »

Griz - fishing the Florida Keys is nothing like you have ever experienced before.
it really comes down to how much time you will have there to explore and find
an area for your Skiff to operate in safely. The best fishing is 3-15 miles offshore for dolphin (mahi-mahi).
inshore you can find some awesome snapper, tripple tail, sea bass, grouper, etc.
around the mangroves, bridges and other structure. Beware of the Shallows !!
Florida frowns upon boats that run aground as it destroys the very fragile coral and grass beds.
Most of the channels are well marked - learn the Rules of the Road and nautical navigation.
best bet is to check with the local bait shops in the area and see what's biting and where.
if you are a history buff, you can drive down to the World Wide Sportsman store in Islamorada
and tour Earnest Hemmingway's boat, "Pilar" as well as see just about everything saltwater
fish and tackle there is to offer - magnificent place to spend a couple of hours !
https://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... storeID=21
scroll down to the bottom of the page - "Store Gallery" for photos.
you can pick up free fishing newspapers such as Coastal Angler at any store.
if you PM me your mailing address, I can "loan" you my charts for the Upper Keys
that notes the Tavernier channels, markers, boat ramps, etc.
Sunscreen SPF-50 should be applied every two hours. Mosquito spray every 5 minutes LOL.
gun fired red flares and hand-held orange smoke bombs are strongly recommended in your "survival box".
looking forward to a trip report when you get back !!
Enjoy the Keys !!!

oh, as for the Peacock Bass - they are strictly a fresh water species.
you will have to go inland to the creeks, canals and protected waterways for them.
Peacock Bass Brochure.pdf

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Tavernier, Florida - I need direction!

Post by gnappi »

It's not really a very long ride from Tavernier to south Dade but it's not worth it unless you REALLY want to experience catching a peacock or two. If you do, I'm not sure about licenses for fresh / salt but it might add up to a lot for NC visitors. Check before coming here.

As far as fishing spots, I'm reading that the waters from Homestead (not too far a drive) all the way up to the airport are full of peacocks but the airport is a pretty long way to go. I'm lucky, I can catch peas a block from home, waaayyyy up in north Broward.

Oh, and Johnny's brochure is a good starting point for starting peacock fishing, especially if you favor live bait. If you can't catch them on shiners, the peas are not there.

Gary (in South Florida)