Sitting in Class this week

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Sitting in Class this week

Post by Jim »

Tough to sit in a week long class when your used to a daily routine. This is actually more tiring.

Im taking a Cloud security class called the Certified cloud Security Professional. Its one of my work "development" goals as we have been tasked to moving 80% of our infrastructure into the cloud.

Anyone else in the IT Computer/Security/Cloud/networking world?
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Sitting in Class this week

Post by RiverBottomOutdoors »

I am. We just went through migrating a program to a cloud infrastructure solution and now we are migrating it back to internal infrastructure. In the cloud you give up a lot of control of your infrastructure and our experience was horrible. Good luck!

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Sitting in Class this week

Post by lovedr79 »

I was at a conference last week. sitting ALL day is not my thing. but at least it was in New Orleans.
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Sitting in Class this week

Post by richg99 »

Heck, I lose it when I have to stay in on a rainy day!

Back when I started messing with my first computer, my "cloud" was a cassette tape that played back on a tape recorder. It worked.


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Sitting in Class this week

Post by stinkfoot »

One of my first ever jobs was as an IBM mainframe operator back in 1979 for a large UK bookies. We input the data on punchcards and 12 inch reel to reel tapes. The disk drives were each the size of a washing machine and the disks the size of a curling stone. The whole kit and caboodle took up approximately the space of an average family home and probably had as much processing power as my watch today. Got fired for refusing to wear a suit and tie.......