Fishing Charities

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Fishing Charities

Post by bobberboy »

From time to time people here take donations of fishing related stuff for charities or programs to get kids out fishing, etc. I am going through some stuff trying to downsize and would like to see the fishing gear go to some good cause.

A couple of years ago I tried this and got no takers. I got advice to contact local fishing clubs, Boy Scouts and the like but got no response. Seems like somebody would like free stuff but no luck at that time.

If anyone knows of a need to support a charity or kids fishing event I'd be happy to donate the things I have, mailed at my expense. If so, please PM me.


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Fishing Charities

Post by LDUBS »

Well done.

Minnesota DNR has a "Take a Kid Fishing" week. Maybe contact them about donating some tackle.
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Fishing Charities

Post by Jim »

I also have totes and totes of stuff I will never use. The packaging might not be "store quality" but the baits inside are mint. I would love to give this stuff away to some kid(s). Anything to get them into the outdoors.......
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Fishing Charities

Post by enwez »

I remember when I was younger there was a fishing program at the YMCA day camp I went to. If there are YMCA summer camps in your area, they most likely have a fishing program. At my camp a lot of kids were only at summer camp because the parents could not afford daycare or baby sitter when school was let out. Camp was cheaper than a daycare/baby sitter. You needed to supply your own tackle since the camp only had limited supplies.

I was fortunate enough that my parents were able to afford plenty of tackle but I remember other kids were not. Might be a good place to donate.

In fact, you've inspired me! I think I'll do the same. I had plenty of great memories fishing that pond; time to create some for other kids!