Storage site for photos and posting on-line

This section is for any pictures and any questions or comments regarding photography. No fishing pictures here.
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Storage site for photos and posting on-line

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IMGUR.COM is an on-line site I store many of my fishing and boating related photos. It use to have a photo editor but now only has a photo resize option and way to title the photo to see when the cursor is held over the photo.

No charge to store photos or videos unlike, and once you press the photo, it brings up the link to post your photo*****.jpg[/img] Sometimes a question mark and number are just before the .jpg which doesn't show the photo but only the link which can be opened to see the photo. Just delete the ?/# in the post and the photo appears in your post. This site doesn't have that problem.
Here are a few examples:
How they look in storage:
address for posting and labeling once you open the photo:

(by the way a good composite mini-wacky worm I came up with last winter - THAT WORKS!)