Wiring Advice Please.

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Wiring Advice Please.

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Good afternoon everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well and safe. I'm in the middle of wiring a few projects thought I'd try to knock it all out at once. And my apologies in advance for the lengthy post. I'm comfortable running wiring when I know what needs to go where, but looking for help on the following please.

1) 2-wire bow light wiring.
2) 2-wire 12v horn placement advice.
3) 2-wire 12v horn wiring.
4) 2-wire 2-pin stern light placement advice.
5) 2-wire 12v 2-pin stern light wiring.
6) Can my Evinrude Simplex control box can be wired with a lanyard kill switch and if yes how?

I've tried doing research online and don't know if it's as simple as just connective positive, negatige and ground wires appropriately, but some research shows wiring using a relay, SPDT or DPDT.

I've attached pictures to show how I think wiring needs to be connected.

And I'm also looking for advice on placement of two items (#2 and 4). Regarding the horn placement, there will also be two cleats placed on perimeter halfway down hood on left and right and I'd like to add a vintage mountable spot light in front of the driver windshield on the corner perimeter. If you zoom in close enough you can see the pre-drilled holes for cleats by the bimini mounts.

I've tried to make responding easy by numbering my questions if you wanted to do the same.

A couple of friends got me into antique boats and my first is the 1959 Orlando Clipper. Love these vintage boats... the simplicity... the ease of working on them without taking to a repair shop... and the classic look to these boats. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great day!
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Wiring Advice Please.

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There is a site named New Wire Marine (newwiremarine.com) that has some nice step-by-step wiring diagrams that might be useful. They probably cover accessories you won't have, but still it will provide the basics. If you go the web site, click on "resources" then "wiring basics".
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Wiring Advice Please.

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See if you can use this info too, a simple small boat circuit and a neat breaker buss with both +Pos and -Neg connection points. Note the stern light ground, where already in the stern of the boat, goes right back to the battery.

For anything powered by a switch that is NOT on the unit itself (like a Fishfinder has an On/Off switch on the device), the +Pos lead from that fuse block goes to the switch and then to the load (device, like your lights).

Boat Electrical Circuit.jpg
Blue Sea Fuse Block.jpg
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