Splash wells

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Splash wells

Post by newyota »

If I would intend to use a boat on bigger bays are ones with splash wells highly recommended?

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Splash wells

Post by lckstckn2smknbrls »

I have no experience boating on any size bay.
I think a splash well could come in very handy on bigger waters.
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Splash wells

Post by LDUBS »

I agree with 2smknbrls. If on a large body of water where waves can build up, a splash well might keep a large amount of any water washing over the transom out of the boat.
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Splash wells

Post by WALI4VR »

How about a pic of the boat... How long and wide and transom height from water line to top of transom loaded with gear and people. How tall a wave are u planning on slowing Down?
I have wave wackers on mine custom sized for my electric transom motor and main power engine. They are really helpful when back trolling stopping splashing and small 2 ft curlers. Anything bigger than that I ALWAYS SLOW DOWN GRADUALLY. Being surprised by a large wave coming over the back end IS NOT my idea of fun or smarts!!
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Splash wells

Post by DaleH »

WALI4VR wrote: 28 Aug 2020, 22:05Being surprised by a large wave coming over the back end IS NOT my idea of fun or smarts!!
Happened to the guy that ran the Reel-Time forums, offshore in a 'notched' transom boat w/ no splash board, fishing for cod. One rogue wave walked right through the boat from the stern and the 20+' boat was swamped in seconds ...

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Splash wells

Post by eeshaw »

Dale, that scenario is something I always have to watch out for in my jon boat. One rogue wave and the boat will be doing submarine duty.