Swerve Sweetener - sugar replacement for rubs

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Swerve Sweetener - sugar replacement for rubs

Post by Jim »

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of us here like to make our own rubs and what not. I have to make rubs that are sensitive to diabetics because of their sugar levels. I am not diabetic, but my In-laws are.

I came across a brown sugar replacement that I HIGHLY recommend. It is not like the other fake, chemically smelling and tasting sugar substitutes. The other good thing is that it is a one for one replacement. The consistency is on point as well. It is called Swerve Sweetener. While it is a little on the more expensive side, I think it is worth it for diabetic folks who just want ribs and pork butts.

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Swerve Sweetener - sugar replacement for rubs

Post by LDUBS »

Thanks for sharing this. I shared it with Mrs Ldubs who is constantly trying different substitutes in an effort to cut down on the dreaded carbs. And I agree, many of the substitutes do have a funny taste.
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