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Latest smokes

Post by Jim »

I did some pork belly burnt ends that came out over top. I brought them to a birthday party and they were gone in 3 minutes, and it was a full tray! While i would like to take all the credit for it, i just followed Malcom reeds recipe from “How to Bbq right”.

Instead of brown sugar, i used swerve. Try it if you are cooking for diabetics or trying to limit sugars. There is no difference in taste surprisingly.

I finished them off with a cherry habanero bbq sauce from kosmosq. Not a lot of heat at all, just perfect in my opinion.

Too many of these will kill you, so eat them sparingly. LOL!

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Latest smokes

Post by Pappy »

I have tried and enjoyed a lot of Malcom Reeds recipes. He does BBQ right.