TM length

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MN Fisher
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TM length

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In setting up wish-lists for the F-9 I have a question

What length shaft should I get for a bow-mounted trolling motor. The plan is to have a small platform at gunwale height to mount it on, but I'm unsure as to how long it should be to insure proper depth of the prop.

Anyone who's worked on an old Alumacraft 14' semi-v (including the V-14) got an answer for me?

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TM length

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I had both a 36" and a 48" shaft on my F7. Both worked fine, I had the 48" pulled up a few inches.

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TM length

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I have a 14 ft Crestliner a d the 48" is just right. If I end up in some waves it stays in the water.