Oscillating saw for cutting aluminum

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Oscillating saw for cutting aluminum

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the hammer wrote: 18 Dec 2021, 17:46
maintenanceguy wrote: 18 Dec 2021, 13:58 oscillating multi-toll will work fine. I've cut sheet aluminum with mine a bunch of times. Getting a nice straight, smooth edge is tough. They tend to wander and you have to steer them back to your pencil line.

I have clamped a piece of 1x lumber along the pencil line and used that as a guide. You can slide the blade along the 1x like a sled making sure the cutting edge doesn't bite into the wood and it makes a nice straight line. A few seconds with a file clean it up factory fine.
That was my plan actually. Clamping a straight edge and a level as a guide.
I have clamped various materials on to use as a guide many times when using different cutting tools when possible, works like a charm.

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Oscillating saw for cutting aluminum

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Plus.....if you want a little nicer (less ragged) cut put a piece of masking tape over the line you need to cut and re-draw the line on the tape. You will definitely notice a difference. Makes an even larger more noticeable difference in wood cuts.

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Oscillating saw for cutting aluminum

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Use a body saw.